Oliver Altair

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A thrilling Dark Fantasy saga through American history.
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silver and bone book

Silver and Bone

American Alchemy Book 1

New magic in Old America.

When murder comes to town and black magic awakens beneath the rumbling mountains, Sheriff Tiberius Tibbetts will have to race against time to save his hometown from a terrible cataclysm. His only chance lay in the ancient art of alchemy: an arcane power that can lead him to his victory… Or to his doom.

ice and blood book

Ice and Blood

American Alchemy Book 2

Blood magic as bitter as a blade of pure ice.

A wave of gruesome murders is shaking Souls Well to its core. Once again, Sheriff Tibbetts will have to put his detective skills to the test and find the killer hiding in the shadows. Even if that means facing a lethal, supernatural creature ready to hunt them one by one until there’s none left to see the upcoming spring. But how to succeed when alchemy and blood magic are at play?

american alchemy gold book


A Dark Story of the Old West

Is your soul worth its weight in gold?

The call of the Gold Rush is strong. No hostile land or deadly sacrifice will stop Barton Saunders from becoming the man he always wanted to be. Not even the arcane darkness lurking in the shadows of the West. Will Barton escape the goldfields before his heart drowns forever in them?


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Oliver Altair is a storyteller that dives into the beauty of the bizarre. Highly influenced by classic science fiction and fantasy, and the stories in the golden era of Pulp magazines, Oliver loves exploring all sorts of uncanny possibilities. Oliver lives between the United States and Europe and loves to travel.