The Plunge

There are times in life when we feel like diving into the unknown is the only way to evolve.

For Gavin, it literally meant jumping off a magical cliff…


“Next!” the Watchman yelled.

A pretty, young woman in a stylish business suit strode confidently to the edge of the cliff. The line behind her advanced, and Gavin stepped forward. Only one more person stood in front of him.

“Good morning,” the Watchman said.

The woman’s brown curls bounced on her neck as she leered down. A sea of clouds floated all around the cliff, so thick they resembled a bowl of fresh whipped cream. The bottom of the cliff faded beneath the layers of white fog.

The young business-woman turned to the Watchman and shook her head.  “I’m sorry.”

“You can always come back.” The Watchman placed a hand on her shoulder and guided her gently away from the edge. “Now, if you please.”

The business-woman crossed the bridge connecting the cliff to the lookout point. There she was welcomed by others who had decided to follow the divers from a safer distance.


The fidgety, red-haired man in front of Gavin walked to the edge, his knees shaking.

“Good morn—”

The scrawny man took a short run-up and dived.

Gavin stepped forward before the Watchman called his turn. The jumper’s bright-red mop of hair shone in free-fall.

The calm, white clouds, became gray and twirled violently. They thinned. Their round edges sharpened. There were no fluffy clouds to meet the man, but  a jungle of thorny brambles.

The tangled brambles opened enough to let the red-haired man through, then closed around him, like an alligator’s jaw. A thunderous echo followed.

The brambles receded and the sea of clouds returned. Minutes later, fog danced around the cliff again. Both the red-haired man and the brambles that had devoured him became nothing but the briefest of memories.

The Watchman clicked his tongue. “It always knows.” He turned to Gavin. “Ready?”

Gavin gulped.

“Then, if you please.” The Watchman swayed his arm towards the lookout point.

Gavin waved at the people who gathered at the other side of the bridge. They waved back. They seemed relaxed and content. But some of them glanced at the passing clouds with a certain longing.

Gavin took a deep breath. “No. I’m ready.”

The Watchman nodded. His eyes were the same color as the rocky sides of the cliff.

Gavin stretched his long arms, took a deep breath, and dived.

He fell. He wanted to keep his eyes open, but the cutting wind slapped his face and made him tear up. The white quilt of clouds grew wider as Gavin came closer. He had to close his eyes. His body darted through the open air. His heart drummed on his temple with a wild beat. Free but also fearsome, Gavin had nothing else to do but wait.

A moist breeze met Gavin’s skin. He had entered the fog. The air became thicker, and his fall lost speed. He felt the clouds spiraling around him. Nothing cut or prickled. At least there were no brambles.

Everything turned heavier and wetter. Gavin was not falling anymore, but diving through open water. It filled his lungs, but somehow he could still breathe. It tasted salty and made his tongue tingle.

He dove through streams of different temperature. Sometimes the water flowed warm and soothing. Others, it was cold enough to make him shiver, but never piercing. The water refreshed his muscles. His mind slowly woke up from an imprisoning haze.

The dive seemed endless, but now Gavin felt he was being drawn upwards and not the opposite. There was another side, and he’d reach it soon.

He knew whatever awaited him, it would’ve been worth the plunge.

There’s times in life when we all take the plunge. What do you think would be waiting for you inside that magic fog? Share it in the comments below!

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