Silver and Bone

American Alchemy Book 1

New magic in Old America.

Welcome to Souls Well, Colorado—a place of buried secrets where the dead never sleep. When black magic comes to town, Sheriff Tiberius Tibbetts will race against time to save his neighbors from the horrors walking the streets at night. His only chance of survival: embracing the ancient art of alchemy, an arcane power that can lead him to his victory… Or to his doom.

Ice and Blood

American Alchemy Book 2

Blood magic as cold as a blade of ice.

The dead of winter just got deader. A wave of gruesome murders is shaking Souls Well to its core. Once again, Sheriff Tiberius Tibbetts will put his detective skills to the test to find the killer hiding in the shadows. Even if that means facing a lethal supernatural foe ready to hunt them one by one until there’s no one left to see the upcoming spring.

Rust and Tears

American Alchemy Book 3

Bottled magic coming right to your doorstep.

There is a hidden factory manufacturing alchemical potions. Soon there will be a mass market where anyone can use their power—for good or for ill. Tiberius Tibbetts lost his town and his role as sheriff. After two ugly confrontations with the alchemists, he’s ready to bring their whole collective down before they take over the country’s future. In his path, he also hopes to find his lost love, the woman who once saved his life, Iris.


A Dark Tale of the Old West

Is your soul worth its weight in gold?

California, 1849. Barton Saunders and his best friend Lewis arrive in Sacramento drunk with dreams of fortune. When a mysterious gold panner leads them to his secret creek, their dream of richness becomes closer than ever. The call of the Gold Rush is strong. No hostile land or deadly sacrifice will stop Barton from becoming the man he always wanted to be. Not even the ancient darkness lurking in the shadows of the West.